Why does my car lose power when I turn on the AC?

What is wrong with my car? Is this something that can be fixed or will I need to buy a new one? What is causing it to lose this much power?

Reasons why your car loses power when turning the AC on

  1. The engine’s cooling system may not be able to keep up with the added load, which will cause the car to overheat
  2. f you’re driving uphill on a steep grade, your engine is working harder and it can’t produce enough power for both the air conditioner and powering the car
  3. Your battery could be low or dead because of an electrical problem
  4. You may have a leak in your radiator that is causing coolant to escape into other parts of the vehicle, reducing its ability to dissipate heat from inside the cabin
  5. There are many reasons why your car would lose power when turning on AC – these are just some of them!

Possible Factors

Several factors such as your car model (make), the age of your vehicle, its mileage, and how you use it can all contribute to your car needing repairs sooner rather than later. Today we’re going to discuss why does my car lose power when I turn on the ac and why you should try to avoid this situation if possible.

Power Issues

The reason your car loses power when you turn on the AC is because it is trying to compensate for the extra power that the AC unit needs to cool down your vehicle. Even though cars can take a lot of abuse and be asked to do a lot of things, we shouldn’t drive them too hard or we’ll end up feeling like we’re paying for repairs sooner than expected (and sometimes later than desired).

Cars may seem like they’re designed with only one purpose in mind: transportation. However, there are many secondary factors taken into consideration such as comfort and convenience features, which play an important part in how much we enjoy our experience owning our automobile. The more comfortable and convenient our car is to use, the better our experience will be.

How it will effect you?

The main problem with your car losing power when you turn on the AC is that it’s not only making your vehicle less comfortable, but it’s actually distracting you from getting where you need to go safely. If your car is struggling to perform a basic function such as keeping its engine running while you’re using a convenience feature like the AC unit, then what do you think will happen if something more significant goes wrong? You could end up stranded or frustrated that having certain features doesn’t come cheap.


In conclusion, cars are usually designed with an entire package of comfort and convenience features in mind. This means there are many factors involved in taking care of your vehicle which should be considered when thinking about your car in broader terms. From having to push in the clutch pedal in order to shift gears, to being stranded because your engine stopped running while you were cooling off inside, cars are designed for much more than just an enjoyable ride.

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