Why is the fan in my car not working

A car fan’s purpose is to keep the car interior cool. In a car with air conditioning, it also keeps the air conditioner from overworking and keeps the inside of the vehicle comfortable. The fan in a car can stop working for several reasons, some of which are more complex than others.

Some problems you may encounter when your vehicle’s A/C system or heater isn’t working might simply mean that a fuse needs to be replaced. You might notice that your vents aren’t blowing out cold or hot air anymore, and it may be difficult to diagnose why this is happening after checking all the obvious things such as making sure your A/C and heater controls are turned on and not set on full blast, ensuring there isn’t any debris blocking the vents, and checking to make sure all your windows are rolled up. Sometimes the air conditioner’s hot side hoses will need to be turned off, drained, and refilled with coolant to re-pressurize it.

Fuse that needs to be replaced

One reason why the fan in my car is not working is that there was a fuse that needs to be replaced. This can be caused by leaving the A/C running for extended periods of time which causes the battery power to drain faster than normal. Another possibility could be that one or more of your fuses are blown out. To find out what fuse is responsible for controlling your blower motor you’ll have to remove each fuse one at a time until you hear your fan kick on when inserting them back in.

The issue with your heating and ac system

Another reason why the fan in my car is not working could be because of an issue with your heating and ac system hoses which you need to turn off, drain, and refill with coolant to re-pressurize it. This can be caused by several different reasons such as overheating, which causes your water pump to stop working, or there’s a leak somewhere that’s causing your engine to lose fluid too quickly. And if there isn’t enough pressure coming from the compressor then there will be no airflow out of your vents. You may also experience this problem if you’ve recently had work done on your cooling system like replacing parts like one of the hoses or gaskets.

Clogs or Debris blocking your vents

The final reason why the fan in my car isn’t working is that there are clogs or debris blocking your vents. This can be caused by several things such as having the air conditioner on for too long which causes water to drip down inside your heating and ac system which then accumulates over time, causing a blockage that needs to be removed. Another possible reason could be that you have an issue with your drain line that causes it to become fully blocked, therefore not allowing any airflow into your cabin when the A/C is turned on.


There are many different reasons that a car may leak oil when it is running. It could be because of bad valve seals, or because the engine has been tuned poorly and needs an overhaul. The best way to find out why your vehicle leaks oil while in use is by taking it in for a tune-up and having them examine the problem for you!

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