How To Reset TIPM On Dodge RAM

The TIPM Reset is a tool used to reset all of the modules in the TIPM. The TIPM Reset allows you turn off the security feature on the TIPM and turn your Ram truck into a normal vehicle, allowing it to start up without going through a number of troubleshooting steps. This article will show how to use a TIPM Reset tool that can be purchased online or at local auto parts stores for about $50-100, depending on where you purchase it from.

Things you will need

  1. A factory scan tool
  2. A TIPM Reset Tool
  3. 7mm socket wrench
  4. 10mm socket wrench

Reseting TIPM on Dodge Ram(A Step-by-Step Guide)

  1. Disconnect the battery from the truck utilizing a factory scan tool or OBD2 compatible code scanner with CAN capability by pulling up on the negative tab, located on the negative post of the battery.

  2. Wait at least thirty seconds to one minute before proceeding with further steps. The longer you allow for proper dissipation of power from all modules, the more effective your TIPM reset will be and your chances of fixing your starting issue are increased dramatically.

  3. Use a 7mm socket wrench to remove the negative battery cable from its post, and set it aside for now.

  4. Remove the plastic cowl panel on your ram by removing any screws that can be found along its perimeter with a 10mm socket wrench.

  5. Take off the kick panel below your steering wheel, as well as the panel directly under your steering column (if equipped). There will likely be 8-10 Phillips head screws to remove using your flathead screwdriver and/or 10mm socket wrench in order to pop off these panels.

  6. You should now have access to the TIPM box; if you do not see it after removing all of these panels, you may have to remove the hood release cable and truck bed cable from the TIPM, as well as the screws that hold it down.

  7. using your 10mm socket wrench, remove all of the box’s fasteners and set them aside for now.

  8. Once you have completely removed them, unplug any wiring harnesses connected to it by pulling on their disconnecting points (located at the top and bottom of each wire) and placing these wires somewhere safe so they do not get damaged or cause any electrical shorts. 9. After removing all of these items, simply pick up your TIPM box with one hand and lift it straight up out of the engine bay. Make sure you do not pull on any wires or cables connected to it, as this could cause damage to them. Set the TIPM box aside for now.

  9. Use your 7mm socket wrench to remove the four screws holding down the cover on top of your TIPM reset tool kit.

  10. Pick up your tester kit and connect your factory scan tool or OBD2 compatible code scanner with CAN capability into its USB port, using an appropriate type A-B USB cable (included).

  11. After connecting both devices, use a flathead screwdriver to turn their respective knobs until they are in sync with each other; there should be two knobs (one on each device) that can be adjusted.

  12. Make sure you have your engine turned off at this point.

  13. Using your flathead screwdriver, turn the knob on the bottom of the TIPM reset tool kit counterclockwise until it is all the way in its lowest position, then give it a quarter-turn clockwise until it clicks one time; wait five seconds before proceeding with further steps.

  14. Plug your battery back into your truck and allow it to sit for about thirty minutes prior to starting up the vehicle again; after allowing for this length of time, start up your Ram’s engine and check if you still have a no-start condition or if your starting issues have been resolved.


This blog post has given you a step-by-step guide to resetting the TIPM on your Dodge RAM. We hope that our information helps and we look forward to hearing from you with any questions or comments about how this process went for you.

Chris Law

Chris is a content writer at WhatinGuide.

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