Why do you only slash 3 tires instead of 4?

When there are no wheels, the car is more easily rolled away
(when using tools, not your hands)

It’s also easier to push a car after slashing 3 of its tires instead of all 4.
When you slash four tires, you have to wait for one to deflate entirely before being able to push it.

why to slash three tires instead of four
Tires cutReached destination
Tires cut: 33 minutes later
Tires not slashed: 46 minutes later
Tires cut: 45 minutes later

Why would someone do this?

Slashing car tire is used to display power and dominance over the owner of the vehicle, or anyone who pleases their disapproval, particularly when they are unable to confront the person regarding their issues.

It also has roots in gang initiation rites (such as pledging allegiance), vandalism (for attention), and rebellion (against authority).

What does slashing car tire means?

Slashing a tire is commonly done with a sharp object, such as a knife. The slasher makes two deep cuts across both sides of one or more tires.

This method allows for faster deflation while making it look like an accident that could have happened anywhere along where the driver traveled after their tires slashed.

When attempting to tamper with someone’s car, it is best to slash the front tires on one side. This will cause most vehicles to pull into the opposite lane or towards the shoulder of the road during acceleration.

How to prevent being a victim?

  • Do not park in dark areas if you are afraid of being vandalized
  • Always lock your vehicle doors and windows before leaving your vehicle unattended even for short periods of time
  • Park somewhere that has adequate lighting so you are more visible at night
  • Install security system, alarms, lights, etc. which can deter vandalism

What should you do if you see someone slashing another person’s tires?

What to do if you see someone slashing tyre
  • Call 911
  • If you are close enough, intervene by shouting at the person to stop
  • Keep an eye on them while they are slashing tires – if they turn around and see you, make sure your hands are visible so that it doesn’t look like you’re threatening them
  • Take a picture of their car’s license plate number in case the police need evidence
  • Don’t get too close to the person or try to touch them because there is a chance that they could be armed with something other than a knife
  • Try not to engage in conversation with the person who is slashing tires because it could escalate the situation


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