How To Tell If Ford Expedition Has Heavy Duty Tow Package

What is a Tow Package?

A tow package is a set of towing equipment installed in an automobile. This includes the internal wiring for the trailer lights, heavy duty battery and alternator, transmission cooler, etc. Installing one of these kits will allow you to pull a camper or boat without any other external equipment needed.

Tow packages are usually found on vehicles that are not normally designed to pull trailers. Adding a tow package alters the vehicle’s performance by adding significant weight and taking up space where it is less than optimal. These modifications require special handling during gas fill-ups and tire rotations as well as inspection by a mechanic during regular maintenance visits. Most people who have a full-sized truck already have this package so they don’t have to worry about anything. Additional equipment (i.e. brake controller, wiring harness) may be included in the bundle but it all depends on where you go to buy it and how much money you have to spend.

Tow packages are a great way to add extra functionality to a vehicle for a relatively small amount of money. The benefits of having this package usually outweigh the downsides in most cases so it is worth the investment for most people who tow anything from time to time.

Do you need a heavy duty tow package?

There is some debate going on about whether or not a heavy duty tow package is worth it or a waste of money. Most people think that the extra cost isn’t worth it and they even have problems justifying why you would need something as fancy as an integrated trailer brake controller when you could just buy one from somewhere else and wire it up yourself cheaper than buying one that’s part of the package.

Another reason why people might be against getting this package is because it makes the truck heavier, but the kit is only an additional 60 pounds and it also adds to your rear axle ratio.

Upgraded Electronic Rear Axle

One reason people go for this package is because of all the perks that come with it. It has an upgraded electronic rear axle, which means you get more power when towing your trailer up hills or climbing steep slopes.

Of course this doesn’t mean you will be able to tow any weight uphill without breaking a sweat, but at least it will give you an edge in case you do need to climb something steeper than what would be considered normal. If you are thinking about using your truck for work purposes then this could be very beneficial if there’s no one around to help you out with getting up any rough terrain where every inch matters.

Integrated Trailer Brake Control

Another reason is because of the integrated trailer brake control. This will help you stop any heavy loads while going downhill or just to get your rig in place when it’s time to park, and this could save you a lot of money because using the tow package will be more than enough to get your rig braking safely.

Pro Trailer Backup Assist

The last example would be regarding the fact that with this package comes the Pro Trailer Backup Assist which will make life so much easier if there ever happens to be a situation where you need your truck and trailer lined up and ready for use. It does take some getting used to but once mastered can really increase your efficiency by minimizing all unnecessary movements and steering fatigue.

So overall we see that it depends on what your needs are, but even if you don’t think you need any of this fancy stuff now, then at least you will have it in the future when you might actually need it.

Of course for some people having to pay extra money just so they can get things like an integrated brake controller is something that’s probably not worth the cost because these folks do not see themselves ever using it or needing it. But on the other hand one could say that there are people who would benefit from these options and therefore should be willing to pay more to always have them at their disposal whenever needed.

If we were to summarize then we could say that getting a heavy duty tow package will allow you to be safer, more productive and overall make your truck the best it could possibly be. But buying expensive options can also alienate some people who would rather buy from somewhere else or do things themselves because they feel like they are being ripped off. So overall there’s no real right answer for this question except that it all depends on how much money you’re willing to spend and what kind of rig you have.

How to check if Ford Expedition has Heavy Duty Tow Package – Short Info

Check the vehicle’s build date

Look for “HD Tow Package” on the car’s window sticker

Compare to other vehicles in its class that have a tow package and see if it is missing features like power locking tailgate, rear air conditioning, and more

Ask your dealership about what you’re looking for or call them to make sure they do not miss anything when answering your question

Contact Ford Customer Service with questions about your specific vehicle requirements

Use an online search engine such as Google to find out how much the vehicle weighs (the weight will be listed under “Features”)

How to check if Ford Expedition has Heavy Duty Tow Package (Detail Guide)

Checking for a vehicle’s tow rating is not always as easy as checking the owner’s manual, especially when it comes to heavy-duty trucks like the Ford Expedition. This information applies to model year 2001 and later models of the fullsize SUV.

Check that the front end of your Expedition has a separate shock absorber (and coil spring) combination assembly attached to its frame rail and connected to each wheel with two half-shafts. It will also have a stabilizer bar extended from one side of the front axle housing to another. These components are visible from underneath, so you can easily see them from beneath if you crawl under the vehicle in an appropriate location next to a wheel well. The shock absorbers/coil springs are attached to the top of each front axle, which is why you can see them.

The tow package includes an engine oil cooler; heavy-duty battery (and upgraded electrical system); fuel tank skidplate, transmission and transfer case coolers; larger brakes with rotors that are one inch wider in diameter; slightly stiffer front springs; and 18″ alloy wheels. If your Expedition has all these features, then it has the heavy duty tow package.

However, if it doesn’t have above components but does come equipped with a Class III trailer hitch receiver (as opposed to having just a Class II), there’s still hope – it might be equipped with the offroad package instead of the tow package.

This one includes everything in the tow package but adds upgraded shocks, all-terrain tires, skid plates for the front axle and fuel tank, underbody shields to protect the transfer case and both driveshafts from damage, electronic shift-on-the-fly 4WD system with four wheels in high range or REVERSE ONLY, larger offroad 18″ alloy wheels with 31″ tires.

If your Expedition has any of these components (except the tow package’s rear bumper cover) or features mentioned above, it does not have a tow package; otherwise, it probably does. If you own…

Ford Expedition XLT: It might be equipped with either of two

Ford Expedition Limited Extended: It might be equipped with either of two

Ford Expedition XLT Sport: It might be equipped with either of two

Ford Expedition Limited Sport: It might be equipped with either of two.

Ford Expedition King Ranch: It does not have a tow package.

Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer: It does not have a tow package.

Ford Expedition Harley Davidson Edition: It has neither the offroad package nor the tow package.

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

Mechanical inspection is the only way to find out, but you can also make sure by calling or visiting your dealer’s service department for details on what each trim level includes in terms of convenience and appearance features as well as mechanical equipment such as engine, brakes and so forth. Although this method may seem somewhat time-consuming, it is more reliable than attempting to determine the tow rating of your vehicle using only its Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

The VIN tag of a 2001 Expedition is located on the left front doorjamb, just below the handle. A 2002 and newer Expedition’s VIN tag is located on the driver side at the bottom of the dash by the parking brake pedal.


The best way to tell if a Ford Expedition has the heavy duty tow package is to check under the hood. You can look for an E in front of one or both codes on your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). This means that you have the option of upgrading your Heavy Duty Tow Package, which includes heavy-duty cooling systems and transmission fluid capacity. If you don’t see either letter in front of these codes, then it’s safe to assume that you do not have this upgrade available on your vehicle. Have you ever wondered if your Ford Expedition has a heavy duty tow package? What kind of questions do you have about this topic?

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