Why does the trunk of car open by itself?

The car trunk of a vehicle is the area where you place your luggage. It is usually separate from the seating area of a vehicle and has its own door which opens separately from the doors that lead to the seating area. The trunk usually opens by itself because there is a button or a lever somewhere around that will open it automatically when pressed. This helps in saving time when you have to get something from your trunk while driving, so it’s very useful!

Reasons why does trunk of car open by itself

Battery and Lock issue

There are a few things that could cause a trunk to open by itself, or not stay closed. The first thing is if the battery was low and receiving power from the car, it might drain out the energy on the central locking system. This would be especially true of older cars.

Locks Issue

A second possibility is that there is something wrong with either one of the locks or some kind of electrical flaw in one of them. If you’ve recently installed new batteries and all seems good but they still give trouble getting into your car then please take the car to a shop to check it.

Lock cylinder not working properly

The last possibility is that your trunk lock cylinder may be broken or otherwise not working properly. If you are still having trouble with your locks after checking the battery, taking your car to a mechanic would be best. The reason for this is because there are no electrical components in the trunk lock itself, just pins and springs that probably jammed one of them into place when they weren’t supposed to. It’s difficult for even an automotive technician to understand why someone would have this problem since it can come about for so many reasons.

Fixing trunk of a car that opens by itself?

Replacing the whole trunk latch assembly is usually the best thing to do, but if you are up for a bit of soldering and wire repair this can be fixed in about an hour or so depending on your tools and experience level.

It is important to use the proper gauge wire for this type of repair. The factory alarm wiring that you would find in many cars is usually 18 or 16-gauge wire, but your car’s wire will likely be larger like 14 or even 12-gauge because it has more power. You can figure out what size wire you need if you know the current draw of the latch assembly and how much power it takes to open and close.

Have a nice long strand of both gauges on hand just in case so that you can try both ways to see which one works best before completing the final product. If you do not have enough wire to try both gauges, go with the smaller of the two. This is because it will have less resistance and will carry more current (power) than if you went with a larger gauge.

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